View Full Version : Cards sometimes don't flip when opening packs

04-25-2014, 07:16 AM
Your Display Name: Kjallstrom
Bug Description: After opening one of my Kickstarter reward booster packs, only the card backs show, though hovering over a card gives its (presumably) correct tooltip. No "OK" button is shown, so I had to click the Back button to return to the Store; the pack was gone, with its contents added to my collection, and its chest was then listed on the Open Packs screen.
Steps to Reproduce:

1. Open a pack while in windowed mode
2. Switch to another application window which obscures the Hex window
3. Return to Hex window

Frequency: Intermittent; haven't been able to reproduce
Additional Information: Windows 7

04-25-2014, 07:31 AM
I have the same issue, but replace sometimes with never. My cards haven't flipped when opening packs once. ever.

04-25-2014, 08:23 AM
I was able to replicate this - it seems to be related to the time spent tabbed out. The pending animation must cancel if the window is out of view for too long?

04-25-2014, 09:06 AM
We are aware of, and working on, this issue.

Rest assured, it is only a display bug on the client's side; the server knows what you got and has already given it to you :)