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So, I'm very new to this whole forum thing. I've contributed to MAYBE one other forum in my lifetime; however, I saw other people's ideas for custom cards and became immediately intrigued. I'm working on pretty much a stand-alone version of some of my favorite games/characters. I'm going to try my hardest to keep everything I make balanced but still fun to play with. Currently, I have roughly 15 cards made.

Ummm... I don't know if disclaimers are needed for something I intend to use for recreational purposes and not for profit, but, I haven't drawn any of the artwork (definitely not an artist) you'll see on these cards, nor do I own any of the characters or whatever else I need to cover my butt about.

I'm about to go to work but here's a few of my favorites so far and I'll post more if any of you care to see them.
Feel free to bash, critique, flame, whatever it is you wanna do. If you'd like to discuss balance issues, please bring them up :)

Edit: Big ups to Zuty for the awesome modified MSE program! By far, the simplest way to create your own cards! You can check it out HERE! (http://forums.cryptozoic.com/showthread.php?t=33881)

Edit edit: Fixed the wording on K7-LEETHA to avoid a massive power gain mix-up.

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I like the theme of destroying cards and gaining large amounts of power with the downside of gaining Weaknesses by doing so. It's very interesting.

The Spawn Super Hero card, at first, looked like he was WAY to powerful. While it's not as powerful as I had originally thought, it is still too powerful for a Super Hero I think. You can safely destroy 4 or lower costed cards without gaining Weaknesses, which means Kicks can be destroyed without a second thought and get you more power than if you had played the Kick in the first place. And if you have an answer for Weakness cards or Bizzaro, you'll be abusing this ability without losing points at the end of the game. And, even if you don't, destroying a card like Super Strength gets you 7 Power which is HUGE. If you want to stick to Spawn being a Super Hero that destroys cards (I don't know enough about him) I think it needs to be balanced a bit more.

K-7 is fantastic! My only issue, and it's really just a wording issue, would be that the last line should read "Otherwise, +6 Power." since you are choosing not to destroy anything.

Another wording issue, The Violator should say ... "+4 Power. You may destroy a Hero or Villain in your discard pile. If you do, Attack: Each foe destroys a Hero or Villain in his hand or discard pile. If he cannot, he gains a Weakness."

Other than that, it looks great and I look forward to seeing more.


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Thanks for the criticism! If I may, let me debate with you on the balance issue of Spawn. See as I was making him, I was thinking, "man there is no way this is fair..." Then I started doing the math... Let's say you go turn 1 buy a kick, turn 2 buy a kick... turn 3 draw 2 kicks, 2 punches, 1 vulnerability. Using Spawn's effect, you make 8 power, buying Vandal Savage. Seems amazing right? Not quite. You just reverted your deck back to its original state + a Vandal Savage. He is good, don't get me wrong... but with 11 cards, 10 being starters and 1 being him... let's face it, your turns aren't going to be good.

Using the Super Strength scenario: Destroy Super Strength, gain 7 power. really good. Now, while you made a lot of power, you just took a -5 VP hit in the form of -2 from no more Super Strength and -3 from the weaknesses. Looking further into it, if you have no immediate way of getting rid of the weaknesses, you have severely watered your deck down with garbage and gotten rid of potentially one of your strongest cards. I agree with you whole heartedly about the Bizzaro. Would be kind of an amazing combo BUT, if you try to stack up weaknesses, you're still taking VP losses at the same time because you have to get rid of 5+ cost cards.

K7 is kind of weird. I don't really want to give players a choice between the first and second effect... To try to balance it, I eliminated the option factor. So if you only have 1 zero cost card in your hand/discard pile, you only get 1 power and 1 card. However, if you don't have any cards to get rid of at all, you get the 6 power. Thematically, the suit (which is a symbiote) eliminating weakness from the host to the point of perfection is pretty cool.

I absolutely agree with The Violator's rewording. You're spot on with that. Smooths out the readability lol.

All in all, I do agree with you. I just think Spawn needs major play testing with old, new, and combined sets of DC. I'll leave a few more I made from Starcraft here with you to critique if you're interested :D

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Edit: To avoid confusion among others, I've added a "during your turn" clause to Zeratul.

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Been working on the rest of the Spawn set :)

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Edit: I didn't necessarily scrap the original Violator, just split him up into his two separate forms.

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Ooo, I didn't see all these new cards.

Zeratul - The way it's worded, it stops you from buying/gaining the choosen card. I think he's also a tad too powerful. I'd say drop the "cost 2 less" bit and just make it so NO ONE can buy/gain that card until the start of your next turn.

Tychus Findlay - Solid card. The wording for Defense is a bit odd, but I understand it and can't think of a better way to put it.

Tassadar - A lot of things are going on in this card. You gain a 5 or less Hero and put it in your hand, draw a card, destroy a card, and then he's worth VP for each Super-Villain. It's not an issue of power, it's an issue of clutter. I don't know who this guy is so I can't recommend a fix, but I would say to translate exactly who he is as best you can into a card without going overboard.

Jim Raynor - A solid Superhero, but I think he's a tad underpowered. If you have him count both Heroes and Villains, it should say "...third Hero and/or Villain..." That way, I can play two Villains and a Hero and still get the bonus. That would help him out a lot.

The Queen of Blades - Super-Villains are worth an amount of VP equal to half their cost rounded up, so she's actually be worth 6 VP.

Hydralisk - He's a better Bane, which is a bad thing since Bane is balanced. He's either drop the power to +1 Power, or have the Attack be "Each foe discards a card and then draws a card.", or bump the cost to 4 and just have him be Bane.

Infested Terran - His ability is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered, but ... I think you some how managed to balance it. He's a Punch that you can play from the discard that costs 4 and is worth 1 VP. Really good job on this one, probably my favorite one thus far.

Zergling - Ah, these guys I DO know about. Now, I would say to bump him to a cost of 2 since he gives power and has an attack, but his attack is usually going to do nothing and even when it does something, it's usually not a big deal. I'm almost afraid that if you bumped the cost to 2, it would be underpowered ... I think it's fine as it sits. The only suggestion I could make would be making him worth 0 VP and then having another card worth 2 VP for each Zergling or something like that.

Control of the Swarm - Certainly an interesting card. Nothing else I can really add; I like it.

Power Overwhelming - This allows for chaining into more of these, which I think is fine. And by that, I mean you play one of these to return another one from your discard to your hand which you play to return another one from your discard to your hand ... And so on. I think it's fine.

A Fresh Start - Again, you have A LOT going on in this card. Not only do I get all my Ongoing cards back, but I get +2 Power for each one, and then I get to play each of those cards again. I'd say keep the first two bits and swap the power gain to "+2 Power and an additional +1 Power for each Ongoing..."

Angela - Another solid Superhero. I don't see anything wrong with her. Early game she's probably really, really good. Kick, discard two Vulnerabilities, and Kick for 6 to 9 power. I really like it.

Demon Dogs - Now this card does something that almost no other card does; the Power it gives you is double its cost. I like it though ... and it's really good early game ... But I'd say you need to bump the cost to 2.

Cogliostro, Mentor - Another good card, but the wording just needs to be changed a bit.
"+2 Power
Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck. Put a card revealed this way into your hand and discard the rest."

Cain, the First Murderer - I understand what he does, but his wording is odd ... It should be something like "You may put any number of cards with cost 1 or more from your discard pile into your hand up to a total cost of 3." And even my wording seems a bit odd ... Other than that, I like it.

Recuperate - It's cost should be boosted to 3. Look at Super Speed as an example.

Sam and Twitch - A good rule of thumb is to never give more than 50% the cost of the card ontop of giving something extra. Yes, I understand the other effect of the card will only go off when another Hero is played, but that's really not difficult to do. I'd bump the cost to 4.

Symbiotic Evolution - It's a better Heat Vision. Cost needs to be bumped to match or drop it to giving you +2 Power. I'd say just make it cost 6 and have it be Heat Vision.

The Clown - Scarecrow is a card I ADORE and it's very balanced for what it does. Another great reprint.

The Violator - This is a beautiful card! I'll gladly destroy a low costed Hero/Villain for the chance of my opponent having to destroy a high costed Hero/Villain or even a Super Villain. Now THIS is probably my favorite card.

Zera - She's missing her VP. Other than wording, I think she's fine. "Reveal a card from your hand. Then, put it on top of your deck and gain Power equal to its victory point value." Another great card.

Unusual Alliance / To Slay a Hellspawn - Very interesting cards ... I really like them. I'd LOVE chaining one off the other. Not much more to say; great card!

The Anti-Spawn - Another card that is trying to do too much and ends up being cluttered. On top of giving you +3 Power, you can destroy a card in your discard at the cost of also destroying a card in your hand, you destroy a card in the Line-Up, and he also has an Attack. I'd say tone this guy back a bit. Again, I don't know this character so I can't give a suggestion based on his character, but I like the double edged sword of destroying a card in your discard and than being forced to destroy a card in your hand.

Great work Skar, keep it up.


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The format in which you've responded will make this very easy.

Zeratul - You are correct! The "costs 2 less" clause has been dropped. And, well, yeah, if you discard two cards to use his effect, you can't buy it that turn... But, if you could buy it that turn, you wouldn't need his effect :)

Tychus Findlay - I agree, but like you, I couldn't think of any other way to word it.

Tassadar - I wanted this guy to be a sought-after card like Man of Steel or World's Mightiest Mortal but... I do think he might do a LITTLE too much. Maybe drop the "destroy a card" effect?

Jim Raynor - Yeah, I meant for his ability to trigger off of either/or so, again, you are correct! Thanks for pointing that out.

The Queen of Blades - I had no idea that there was actual math involved in determining the VP of the Super-Villains! Haha, thanks.

Hydralisk - I agree he may be a little too strong... How about keeping the cost/power the same, and using the idea of your attack. Make it read "Attack: Each Foe discards a card with cost 1 or greater then draws a card." Is still a disruptive attack but not so detrimental as to make it unbalanced in the 3 cost slot?

Infested Terran - Thanks! Yeah, I was kind of proud of this one :) Took a little theory-crafting to get this one to be balanced... "Well it's just a punch in your hand... but it's only 1 Power from the discard... eh, seems fair."

Zergling - Ah yes, the zergling... I felt like I should include a Villain that when it flips everyone is just kind of "ehhhhhh..." Main purpose is for combo play with, say, The Violator, Control of the Swarm, Malebolgia... and easier triggers for certain Superheros. Like Deadpool. Which you haven't seen yet ;) And I agree, if his attack were anything better than what it currently is, I'd have to bump up his cost. But I think paying 1 for a different punch is reasonable.

Control of the Swarm - Thanks man.

Power Overwhelming - Pretty cool thematically as well... In order to form an "Archon," which is what's depicted in the picture, two High Templars need to fuse. So pretty much, that's the feel i was going for lol. Hopefully I came pretty close.

A Fresh Start - I actually have to agree with you on this one. There came a time in the Spawn story line where he had to re-create the world (possibly the universe, can't remember atm). I was going for the feeling of making a brand new "world," or, more applicable, playing field. I feel that even though this card would be featured as a one-of in the deck, having all 3 of those effects on a single card might be a little too strong. I may make a completely separate card for my deadpool set that JUST has the 3rd effect on it. Thoughts?

Angela - Thanks again! Originally, she read when you play your first superpower, +1 power, then on the second superpower, discard one card, draw one card. Boooooooooooring. I wanted her to have a bigger impact on a turn for the player using her in order to maximize the amount of fun for that player without improperly balancing her.

Demon Dogs - I'm kind of stuck here. I love the idea of giving villain players incentive to buy villains, KNOWING they can produce the same amount of power, if not potentially more, than someone going heroes or super powers. These guys would be a 3-of MAYBE 4-of in a main deck. I just don't want to punish players who buy it early and hope to go for villains then later regret it saying "yaaaaay a 2 cost punch..." However, on the occasional uber flip at the start of the game... if someone were to buy 2 of these at the start with ease... then they sky rocketed to the top of power generation. I could go either way on the 1 cost or 2 cost but I believe some play-testing is required.

Cogliostro, Mentor - 100% Agree. Too clunky the way I have it worded.

Cain, the First Murderer - This guy is also another reason I like the Demon Dogs at 1 cost. I wanted players to be able to grab value cards with him to set up cool/powerful combos. However, again, 100% agree with your wording. Much smoother.

Recuperate - This one is kind of a favorite for me. I based it off of 2 cards: Kid Flash and Katana. Both are 2 cost cards. Kid Flash draws you a card. Katana is a 2 cost defense that replaces itself. I kind of just fused the 2 together and chose the draw option over the +1 power.

Sam and Twitch - I do agree with you, but, would you rather the cost be bumped to 4 or the power be dropped to 1? I think either way would still make for an interesting card.

Symbiotic Evolution - 100% agree. Heat vision it is.

The Clown - I used to HATE Scarecrow... but, I started to use it more and quickly came to understand the excellent balance of power gain and opponent inhibition. Thanks :)

The Violator - Glad you like it! However, I should be thanking you as well for it. I'm using your wording from the original Violator lol!

Zera - I originally had her as a regular villain with a cost of 6, giving 1 VP for every Villain with cost 6 or less... didn't like it, scrapped her original idea, and now she's a Supervillain. I had no idea I forgot to assign her some VP. Thanks for pointing that out!

Unusual Alliance / To Slay a Hellspawn - Exactly what I was going for! I want them to be chained off of each other. Even cooler would be using Unusual Alliance to get back To Slay a Hellspawn to get back Power Overwhelming! Just made for some fun interactions IMO. How many copies of each do you think should be in the deck? I was thinking 2 each, but I'm not sure if that's right...

The Anti-Spawn - I was kind of on the fence with this guy... I think his attack is too strong. It's on par with some of the Super Villains and could really gut some player's decks. I may rework the attack somehow and make it considerably weaker... I'm also going to drop the "destroy a card in the line-up" clause and put it on a Deadpool card... Give his set a little more juice as it seems to be lacking right now.

As always Zuty, thanks for the advice bro. EXTREMELY helpful in the construction/tweaking of cards. Thanks a ton!

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Hydralisk - That fix sounds fine.

A Fresh Start - The third effect on its own card would be fine. So drop that and put it on something else.

Demon Dogs - The suggestion I would make would be almost like making it Talon, but with Villain cards and not starters. So "+2 Power if you play or played another Villain this turn. Otherwise, no power." But playtest it as it sits and maybe it will work out.

Recuperate - I just feel the option of shuffling your discard pushes it over the edge. If it didn't have that, I'd have no issues with it. But recuperating in a card game would be shuffling your discard, so ... I'm kind of torn.

Sam and Twitch - I'd bump the cost to 4.

Looking forward to your Deadpool cards. I at least know about Deadpool.