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04-26-2014, 04:49 PM
Firstly, I need to verify whether the number on the top-left-most tab in the card manager is the total count of cards a player have.

Also I wouldn't have bothered doing all these if it weren't for an incident where I opened a pack and was unable to see any of the cards in the pack. The animation of opening it played, but when the cards were lined up on the screen, none of them turned over, nor did the rare+ have its glow. I waited quite long, but then decided to press back, and thought it probably already registered. But alas, there is no way to look at your cards based on time received. So I quickly did some calculation and am saddened to see more than 15 cards discrepancy.


So anyways, here are some important data that will aid me in calculating the missing cards

Total card collection: 1,030 (the number indicated on the top-left-most tab)
Total Resource cards: 575 cards (incl. 1+4 starter decks resource cards, 5x25 = 125)
* I deduct resource cards, because I have no idea how many resource cards an account starts with

Opened packs: 300 cards (20 packs opened)
Starter Deck cards: 175 (Resources removed, because total resource cards will be deducted from total card collection. 35x(1+4)=175 cards)
3 Replicator's Gambit
3 Princess Victoria
3 Extinction
3 Ragefire
3 Pack Raptor

So basically ([Total Card Collection]-[Total Resource Cards]) should equal all cards I have received from opened packs, starter decks (less resources) and the free cards received from my pledge.

(1030-575) - (300+175+3+3+3+3+3) = -35

or in other words I should have exactly [Total Resource Cards]+ all cards I have received from opened packs, starter decks (less resources) and the free cards received from my pledge.

575+300+175+3+3+3+3+3 = 1,065

It is clear there is a discrepancy between the number shown in the top-left-most and calculating how many cards I should have.

Can anyone help me understand what's going on here.

edited: first calculation used 15 cards per pack, leading to 35 cards discrepancy. After fixing, and changing to 14 cards per pack, there is still 15 cards missing.

edited 2: So, being the noob that I am. Packs actually contain 15 cards. That would make a final discrepancy of 35 cards :(

edited 3: So, nothing wrong here. There was a selected deck when I was doing the count, which caused the numbers to go out of balance in the card collection.

04-26-2014, 04:51 PM
actually wait a minute. I'm such a noob... recalculating because I realize there are 14 cards in a pack. lol

just did the recalc'd and the discrepancy has reduced to 15 missing cards. This missing cards could be the 15 I was unable to see.

04-26-2014, 04:54 PM
There are 15 cards in a pack, 11 common, 3 uncommon, 1 rare/legendary

04-26-2014, 05:05 PM
lol that makes me double the noob I am. I thought it was 15, then remembered someone say 14.

But regardless, it is clear there is a discrepancy. With 15 cards per pack, that would make the discrepancy to 35 cards. I might have been more satisfied with a 15 card discrepancy, considering the event I experienced. Now I have another 20 cards unaccounted for. lol

I dunno if others are experiencing this too, but I would encourage you all to take a small amount of time and check.

04-26-2014, 05:30 PM
I don't see anything wrong with your math. My guess is you have a starter deck selected since the difference is 35 cards (exact number of non-resource cards in a starter). Any cards in the current selected deck will not show up in your card count total. Try creating a new deck but leave it blank. Then check your total card count.

04-26-2014, 05:31 PM
You know the number in the top left beside "Card Collection" is the total number of cards you have MINUS any cards you have in the current loaded deck. So, you actually have "Card Collection" + <Name of Deck> cards at any given time.

04-26-2014, 05:44 PM
Thanks Raith and hex_colin! That cleared it up. Checked again and everything looks fine.