View Full Version : Adamanthian Scrivener + Replica...Bugged? Or working as intended?

04-26-2014, 07:11 PM
After the MAC client release, finally playing for the first time this weekend! Woo!
(sorry if a repost, I checked and couldn't find anything about it)

Started trying out building my own decks, and decided to the try the combo of Adamanthian Scrivener + Replica.

Played challenge against AI opponent.
Drew both in opening hand, played Adamanthian Scrivener turn 1, Replica on him turn 2.
I managed to draw him again a couple turns later and able to trigger the Replica effect (joy!)

After played, there are now 7 Adamanthian Scrivener's on the board, each with "When a troop enters play under your control, you gain 1 health." or something along those lines.

Well, apparently 7 of them played at once, equal 40+ health.
Absently forgot my health at the time, but I ended up at 62 health
Now the game bugged out a couple turns later, but if I had a chance to play more creatures that's 7 health per turn as well.

I guess technically not a bug, more of a tuning/adjustment required.
(my guess is 62 health for any reason doesn't seem intended)

04-26-2014, 08:23 PM
Sounds like everything is working as intended - also I hope you had some Righteous Paladin's in that deck as well :P

04-26-2014, 08:25 PM
7 scriviners each gaining a health point for eachother 7x7=49 . The math is sound!

04-26-2014, 09:29 PM
Yes, this is working as intended. All Scriveners enter play simultaneously, and all Scriveners give life for all troops entering playing, so they all trigger each other. It's a nice life combo! And I agree, this deck NEEDS Righteous Paladins in it. ;)

It's about a billion to one chance, but just think...

Turn 1: Diamond, Scrivener
Turn 2: Diamond, Paladin
Turn 3: Sapphire, Replicator's Gambit the Scrivener, redraw and recast the Scrivener, attack with 52/52 Paladin.

Imagine your opponent's face!