View Full Version : Feedback/suggestion for the VIP program(PvP oriented)

04-29-2014, 05:15 AM
During KS Cory suggested that one of the Vip perks would be a goldfish mechanic. Later this year during Infam0usNe0's interview, he said that goldfish was better if it was accesible for everyone and that they were thinking of another "perk" for the VIP program. This morning I had this idea.

One thing you can do on paper TCGs its what is called Proxys. Basically you use "fake" cards of cards you dont have to test a deck out with your friends before putting the money into the singles to see if is worth it. This is also done when awaiting a new set to be printed and the full set has been spoiled.

So the suggestion is that for those afiliated for to the VIP program, the ability of making decks with cards you dont have and being able to play them, only against the AI, or if they are feeling generous in private 1v1 games, never on any matchmaking system or anything that involves any kind reward or lvl up cards. This would also help if you are not sure how certain interaction works, without the needing to ask a Judge/post in the forums.

04-29-2014, 10:18 AM
I like the idea as PvP-AI-only for testing purposes.