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04-29-2014, 09:21 AM
Because some people, including myself, do have limited funds, I am going to be posting some Budget Deck ideas regularly on this forum. The decks are going to follow these rules:

1.) Decks will also be posted on HEX TCG Browser (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/#!/cards) with the Reserve cards being cards that can work in this type of arch-type.
2.) Any Rare (Blue) and Legendary (Red) cards beyond the ones found in the Starter Decks will not be in the main deck and if you visit the HEX TCG Browser are found in the reserves section for this deck.
3.) Only up to two copies of Uncommon (Green) cards and one copy of each Rare (Blue) card that are found in the Starter Decks are placed in the deck.
4.) They are meant as a starting point and should be modified to your play style with the cards you have in your Collection.

Today's deck is of the deck arch-type called Shin'hare. Shin'hare are fun to play and are one of the eight main races found in Entrath. The decks that are found in the Shin'hare arch are mostly of the swarming variety due to their ability to pump out an ungodly amount of troops in a short period of time. A simple budget deck from this arch can be modified from the Shin'hare Starter deck that we were so nicely given access to. By using the Starter Deck, we can easily create an Onslaught deck using the bunnies. Here is a list of what a good starting point for this deck can be:

Budget Shin'hare (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/#!/deck=6096)
Champion: Monika'shin

2x Blood Bearer
2x Cottontail Ronin
2x Concubunny
4x Moon'ariu Sensei
2x Shin'hare Eulogist
2x Shroomshaw
2x Blood Cauldron Ritualist
2x Bucktooth Commander
2x Rune Ear Commander
1x The Mushwocky
2x Boulder Brute [Blood Orb of Deception]
1x Shroomtank

3x Runts of the Litter
4x Wild Growth
1x Wretched Brood
3x Murder
1x Onslaught

7x Blood Shard
4x Shards of Fate
13x Wild Shard

This deck basically plays as a normal swarm deck. It is meant to overwhelm the opponent with the large amounts of bunnies that you will swarm the field with and then push through the damage. Onslaught is a kill card, known as a bomb card. Onslaught should only be used to push the final bit of damage that would defeat your opponent through if you only have one in the deck like the one I listed above. If you have more than one copy of Onslaught, then you do not have to wait until you can defeat your opponent. Once you have played with this deck, then you should be able to get the feel of Shin'hare and allow you to gain the knowledge on how to modify this deck to your liking.

Some cards that are good for the Shin'hare arch are the following:

- Hop'hiro, Samurai: Great card for any Shin'hare Control decks. Once it has flipped to its final form, it becomes a Murder that can kill any troop (including Artifact Troops) at the cost of one of your numerous troops.

- Incantation of Savagery: Great for any Swarm deck that uses Wild. Shin'hare are just most capable of using this card to its fullest.

- Ritualist of the Spring Litter: More Battle Hoppers. Nuff Said.

- Chlorophyllia: Helps thin the deck out as well as increasing your mana at the same time.

- Hideous Conversion: With the amount of bunnies you will be creating, you can easily use them for mana for high cost cards or just to bum rush the field.

- Carrion Blob: This works in a Shin'hare deck that sacrifices a lot of bunnies that need a lot of health. If you have this card in here, then cards like Hideous Conversion and Droo's Colossal Walker can be some other cards you can consider.

- Shrine of Prosperity: While you will be showing your opponent the cards you draw, this will help with the power on your small bunnies as well as decrease the cost of your support cards like Onslaught or Runts of the Litter.

- Command Tower: Great card for powering up your numerous amount of bunnies that will be on the field.

- Evolve: With the amount of bunnies that you can have out on the field at the same time, this is a great card to increase their power.

- Necessary Sacrifice: With the numerous amounts of bunnies that you could have on the field, this card would be great for card drawing. At the cost of one of the bunnies, you can draw three cards.

- Wild Aura: This card is an option over Wild Growth. While Wild Growth gives a temporary and returns to the deck for latter use, this buff is permanent and also gives you Crush.

- Spirit Dance: +2/+2 and -1 Cost for the bunnies still in your deck. Nuff Said.

- Uzume, Grand Concubunny: This card will give you a random bunny that isn't unique. There are some great bunnies it can give you. Her power can be used in conjunction with Ritualist of the Spring Litter to have multiple copies of the bunny she places on the board to come out.

- Relentless Corruption: This escalation card is great in any control deck. Shin'hare has a decent version of control and this card could work in that type of deck.

- Oath of Valor: This is an oddball. This card by itself created the Shin'hare Oath deck, which is Wild/Diamond. This deck seems to be an okay deck. A base for this oddball deck has been created by a great person of the HEX community, Errantsquire. His deck called Hare Tokens can be located here (http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/#!/deck=5677).

As a member of this community that has been here since the Kickstarter, I hope that this will help you with your journey here in Entrath.

04-29-2014, 01:36 PM
Nice to see a shin'hare deck popping up.
I used to use one but I switched to orcs. I do like the playstyle of the shin'hare alot though.
I think if anyone had some rare artifacts or just buffers in general they could be quite the pain. Amazingly yet to come across a shin'hare deck that scares me even slightly though. Mostly dwarves I hate right now.

04-29-2014, 03:09 PM
-No rares (non-chase rares won't be worth be worth much after all)
-barely any uncommons (uncommons will probably be worth less than 50 platinum)

I don't understand this. What's your budget? Five dollars? =l

It might be best to wait until Auction House is released and prices are settled before you start planning budget decks.

04-30-2014, 07:01 AM
-No rares (non-chase rares won't be worth be worth much after all)
-barely any uncommons (uncommons will probably be worth less than 50 platinum)

I don't understand this. What's your budget? Five dollars? =l

It might be best to wait until Auction House is released and prices are settled before you start planning budget decks.
this is a pre AH, pre Draft budget deck

are there any differneces to the Blood/Wild standard deck?

after AH and drafts are online, you have a playset of all commons, most uncommons, and easy acces to cheap rares.
so the decklist should change drastically.

however if you want to build a competitive budget deck i suggest dwarfes or orcs