View Full Version : ESC out of card action locked up game

04-29-2014, 05:04 PM
I had played the blood card that allows you to resurrect any troop from a graveyard. Played it the AI deck (poca). I couldn't remember how much threshold I had, so wanted to back out and view my available playable charge?shards?energy? not certain what the right term is. I could not find a way to back out of the deck view, so hit ESC. It backed out but then the entire play area greyed out and was very fuzzy. Appeared like it was trying to open the Concede window, but that window did not actually open. I could not click on anything in the screen. I hit ESC again and then the Concede window appeared. I clicked No to return to game, and it returned to the greyed out fuzzy image. After a couple of repeats, I eventually just conceded the match.

If it matters, I was playing a sapphire/blood deck and had 3 blood, 2 sapphire, and 1 ruby (used the blood card that pulls top card from opponents deck earlier in game)