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05-01-2014, 03:01 AM
You face an ai, and your raid buddy faces an ai in solo combat. You do this simultaneously.

You two fight, and if either of you lose the next ai dude gets a set of cards that make his deck very hard to beat solo.

(If you defeat them, and the boss solo you go to the victor faction events)

If you both defeat them, and the boss you find some serious hoard of loot...and wait what? OH snap you both want it!

Time to fight each other over the loot...with your pve decks.

The winner gets set into a section of content where he's the 'noble' hero, and the loser gets into a a section of content where you're the "disgraceful" villain.

This would basically be where the two players split, and now there's a section of players who are the hero, and a section of players who play the villain

Basically the hero gets a few different cards, and maybe some sort of explorers club, and the villain gets into some sort of cabal of back-stabbed adventurers...with some different cards.

There's like some sort of solo quest chain where you prove yourself to either faction, and then there's like some sort of bounty quest /dungeon where you have to race an opponent to the end boss, and if you beat the end boss first you get some powerful cards, that you can then use to defeat the late person in another pve-pvp-card duel.

Whoever wins keeps/reclaims their honor, and their faction gives them some serious credit.

Any way to spruce up the concept? Thoughts? Have I struck gold? Is this the future, and you've played the thing?

Share your ideas, thoughts comments, criticisms, bad jokes and more below!


Random time constraint things so that you both aren't on the line waiting 5+min for the other player to finish include....sand death traps, giant boulders, and arrow/darts/snakes.

If you take too long, your opponent ai start getting new cards added into their hand that start putting you on the clock.... dealing with the cards also hurts your enemy ai, so that you have some way of coming back. The longer the game goes, the less damage the new cards do to the enemy, and the more likely the cards just straight up kill you.

05-01-2014, 07:35 AM
Neat idea.

05-01-2014, 08:01 AM
Other time saver/ waster concepts include...having the guy who won the big boss battle fight the rabble hoard as their blood lust for revenge for their fallen leader drives them to bloody vengeance...basically you kill filler ai champions with wimpy decks, as fast as possible to gain a better rating or some such...

Other concepts include, fighting the other guy's battles...the toughest first, until you get to him.

If he's sitting on his thumbs waiting for you to beat his enemy, a "backstab" event happens, and the enemy ai dies (or you get cards in hand that basically do the same)...and the battle begins.

...beating the hoards of dudes, concept but when you beat them, you trigger attacks that basically become the cards in hand for the enemy ai thats holding him up.

Pretty much the concept can be changed in a lot of ways, to make it more casual, for instance, instead of fighting eachother you just get a card in hand that helps you defeat enemies on your way out...if you're the winner vrs the boss.

The closer you get to eachother in time the more difficult the enemies you face are, the guy behind by decent margin doesn't face the toughest of the rabble because they're the fastest, and still fighting the guy in the lead, stealing their prized w/e stick of truth. Whoever's fastest snatches the stick of truth from the other guy while they're busy dealing with the enemy.

If its to be the race concept I'd have to think up more rebounding things so they guy who was slowest doesn't feel like its pointless. Maybe create a map layout that you progress through while trying to escape the collapsing temple or some such, and there are out of the way prizes to collect...so you have an incentive to slow down as the guy with the stick.

** Maybe the escape route is through the place the loser was coming from, and they have a head start, and some sort of shaking earth quake has caused all the critters and spawn to come out, and the hoard of vengeful masses is slowing down the guy with the stick as a handy cap.

Cool sunglasses quotes when the guy without the stick gets out "You wanted your treasure, well you got it." *Bwahhhhhhhhh*

05-01-2014, 09:28 AM
Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it sounds like this whole thing is synchronous, even during solo play, and would take many many hours to complete. If that's the case, maybe figure out a way to decouple the two players during solo play so that it's more manageable. Perhaps you just measure speed to get through, but independent. So Joe can play through on Saturday, while Sally plays through on Sunday and Monday. They then compare timers. (Timer only runs while you're actively playing.)

Also, this doesn't sound so much like a Raid as it does a special event consiting of a dual-entry dungeon, linked solo dungeons, and finally a raid boss.

All in all, interesting idea. Needs work.

05-02-2014, 02:42 AM
The idea is that there are two big synchronous events. the initial starting thing, and the final bounty race. I don't think a time trial asynchronous thing is as interesting, but it may be much more feasible. Still... it would require more tinkering with the concept and probably affect the entire concept from the first event to the last.

I personally don't think that raids need to be a consistent experiences where you have a generally consistent problem to tackle. As long as they're a multiplayer event they're still technically raids.