View Full Version : A couple small Wheels of Fate bugs

05-02-2014, 09:41 AM

Another few quick ones.

1) Getting 3 red icons says "upgrade your normal prize." This is (sort of) true. I got 3 red crowns (PVE card equipment +pay to spin again), which gave me the uncommon equipment "electric flail." The upgrade was a fee booster pack (very awesome!). However, at that point the treasure chest became unspinnable. So it seems like the red icons disabled the non-red version of that prize's normal behavior of pay to spin again.

2) I'm still seeing the visual doubling of some prizes. My free booster pack actually gave me 2 according to my inventory, and since this is the first time I had seen this Wheel of Fate payout I didn't know that a red payout is only supposed to give you 1 booster. I opened 2 packs since I thought I had won 2, then the next time I logged in I was down by a pack (the visual 2nd one had disappeared). Any ETA on getting this fixed so what you see is exactly what you're supposed to? And maybe to have the payout screens tell you better details on what you got? :)

3) Super minor: the inventory stash screen is currently counting (at least some) mercenaries as equipment instead. I currently have 1 Ashahsa mercenary and 1 Electric Flail equipment, but the summary section at the top of my stash says I have 2 pieces of equipment and 0 mercenaries.