View Full Version : System restart about 1 in 3 times I start Hex

05-04-2014, 04:00 PM
Hex is causing my PC to reset about one in three times I start it up. It happens about 5 minutes after I start, almost always in the card manager. It doesn't happen ever if I'm not running Hex.

I imagine you'd need more info than that to investigate - but not sure what.

Running windows 7 if that helps.

05-04-2014, 04:13 PM
Possibly memory leak, or something related. Check all your drivers, try repairing, and see if your PC is overheating while playing.

05-05-2014, 05:32 AM
Yeah could be the GPU (Processor on your Graphic Card) overheating. I've seen some ppl ingame chatting about how their cards get way too hot when Hex is running. Most PCs have a failsafe mode that activates once the heat gets over a certain threshold and either shut down the system or restart it. I had the same problem with Final Fantasy XIV. An easy fix that works for me is to remove one side of the casing while playing graphically intensive games.

05-10-2014, 02:36 PM
It's not the GPU (or anything else) overheating, GPU stays below 80. Also, it wouldn't only happen in the first few minutes (I never get a reset if I get through those first minutes).

And yes, drivers are up to date.