View Full Version : Got any tips for beta keys?

05-06-2014, 07:34 AM
Hi, I was a bit too late to find out about this game (there hasn't been much publicity around it) but from what I see it's pretty awesome! Now I've been scanning the internet for about 2 weeks in search for a beta key, but I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong. So has anyone here got an advice on how to get a beta key? I've seen only 1 giveaway with 450 beta keys and they evaporated by the time i had the time to sit on the computer. There are some stray keys in youtube but none of them work anymore. Reddit is also like that. From what I gather my best chances are to watch streamers in order to get one...but this is a load of BS since they stream from dawn till dusk and I have things to do unlike the streamer, I can't sit 8 hours straight every day to wait for the 0.1% chance to grab a key.

Is there any website that tracks beta keys for you? Because it seems every time I get close to a key it is devoured by the internet faster than I can shift+tab -.-

P.S.: I found a website but I'm pretty sure it's a massive scam. Here it is http://hex-tcg.betakey.us/
I'd avoid it however.

05-06-2014, 07:55 AM
The reasons streamers don't give keys yet is because they haven't been given keys yet.

In fact, right now, keys are very rare - shortly they will be relatively common, and then open beta will come shortly afterwards.

If I get any keys, I will be streaming and giving keys away, and same for my news site, so check out hex.chopstixz.net/news over the next week or two, because I will be posting any giveaways there.