View Full Version : Strange characters in chat.

05-08-2014, 01:59 PM
The escape key is causing me to write strange symbols on the chat (boxed X's), I don't see anything strange on my chat window until I hit enter, then an amount equal to the times I pressed esc appear within my text. I noticed this after this bug http://forums.cryptozoic.com/showthread.php?t=35431 and while I was speaking in the chat with the "do you want to reconnect to a game" was present (and everything was darkened), restarting the client doesn't fix this.

I'm playing on a spanish win 7, with spanish international keyboard setting in windows but using an actual american-layout keyboard, game client in english.

EDIT: @HexRex don't use the banhammer on me! It was a bug, I swear:P