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05-08-2014, 02:57 PM
Your Display Name: Daskalos
Bug Description: Post-Draft Double Inventory Bug
Steps to Reproduce: I'll tell you what happened, I doubt I could reproduce it and I wouldn't want to try.

I won a draft - yay! The popup appeared showing I won 5 regular packs, 1 primal pack, and 20000 gold. I got a message confirming this. Pretty sweet.

I looked at my inventory. The 5 regular packs were there, but the primal pack wasn't. Also, the chests from the draft weren't there. Bummer!

Someone in chat recommended I log out and log back in. I did that, without waiting between logout and login. Strangely, my logging back in took only a second. Usually logging in takes about a minute. Whatever, no bigs.

I looked at my inventory to see what was there. I had double the number of everything!!! To be specific: before logging back in, I had 160 regular packs (155 from before and 5 from prize). When I logged back in, I had 320. I had 2 primal packs before, 5 after (so, double, plus the one from the prize). I had double the draft tickets as well. Also, the chests that had been missing appeared. Screenshot below.


I opened 2 packs to see if I could and what would happen. They opened just fine (the second one had a minor display bug where a Minotaur uncommon didn't flip around). I thought about opening more, but decided it was probably a bad idea. I logged out, closed the program, reopened it, logged in, and login was normal (about a minute). I looked at my inventory, and found that I now had my original inventory, minus the two packs that I opened. The cards that I received from those packs were in my inventory. Presumably, I could have opened all those packs and kept all the cards in my inventory.


Frequency: Once was enough
Additional Information: When there are bugs that result in players getting extra rewards, it results in a quandary. Do I report the bug and potentially lose the stuff, or not report it and keep it? It's one thing when its a pack or two - it's another when you're talking about hundreds of packs (potentially worth hundreds of dollars). For the good of the game those bugs should get reported, but the incentives align against it. It would probably be best for all involved if you had a clear policy about this that rewarded players for reporting such bugs. While letting people keep the extra stuff might be unrealistic in such cases, particularly if people manage to find a bug that could generate infinite packs, you should be clear about how you'll handle these cases.

05-08-2014, 03:00 PM
I suspect that if you had tried to open your 161st pack out of the 320, you would have found that it did not let you. In other words, the other 160 were almost certainly not actually there and were just a display bug. Hard to confirm that though without someone else getting the bug and they trying to open everything.

05-08-2014, 03:08 PM
Ahh, that would make sense (and be less problematic). I wasn't sure if I should try.

05-08-2014, 03:11 PM
Even if it's "only" a display bug, it's still a pretty big deal and should be fixed ASAP.