View Full Version : Gem goes infinite (Prime sapphire of Subterfuge)

05-08-2014, 08:09 PM
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ZillahEnoch (ingame : Zillah)

Bug Description and Steps to Reproduce:
When the troop socketed with the prime sapphire of subterfuge enters play with 0 att / 0 def, the effect runs infinitelly (milling the library completely)

I was playing against the AI
I had a Master Theorycrafter socketed with the gem in my hand
The IA played a Shadowgrove Witch which gave -2/-2 to the Master Theorycrafterin my hand, reducing it to 0/0
I played the Master Theorycrafter (2 turns later I think)
The Master Theorycrafter died immediately.
To my surprise, I watched my oponnent library deplete of cards
The effect stoped when the library reached 0 cards
I won on his next turn when he couldn't draw.

I found myself in this case only once.
I think it happens every time but didn't reproduce it.

Additional Information:
Nothing that I can think of.

Thanks for reading !