View Full Version : Failed to Start game in draft tournament

05-09-2014, 05:25 AM
Your Display Name: Ylhos

Bug Description:
- First game, failed to start game in draft tournament
- After losing the first game, to apparently being afk, second game also failed to start
- Reconnecting to game cause initial animation to loop over and over indefinitely until booted into lobby

Steps to Reproduce:
- No idea. It is my first time playing tournaments. I don't want to even bother trying again.

Frequency: 2 games of the only BO3 i played ended up as a loss thanks to this bug. so 100%

Additional Information:

Unable to Start

Loop of reconnecting

The apparent afk boot

05-10-2014, 02:46 AM
Ugh... please fix this problem. I just played my second draft, hoping I could actually finally play. Nope didn't happen. The same thing happened. \

05-11-2014, 07:34 PM
Your Display Name: Delryn

Bug Description:
- The first 2 rounds always work flawlessly for me. I get the countdown for round 3. The countdown ends and the black sky with stars appears....and sits there...and sits there. After approximately 30-60 seconds, I get the "unable to start match" error shown above and get kicked back to the tournament lobby.
- Reconnecting to game cause initial animation to loop over and over indefinitely until booted into lobby as listed above in Ylhos' post.

Steps to Reproduce: Win the first 2 rounds of a draft and then try to start game 1 of round 3.

Frequency: It has happened to me three of the four times that I have reached round 3 in a draft - in tournaments #11045, #10734, and #11448.

Additional Information: In tournament #10734 I never received anything for 1st or 2nd. When it happened again in tournament #11045, I ended up closing out of Hex and leaving the tourney after logging back in (and reconnecting failed). Upon doing so, I did receive my 2nd place prize. In tournament #11448, I closed out of Hex and tried to reconnect. It failed, but now it looks like my opponent left the tourney and I did receive my 1st place prize. It has only ever happened to me in the final round of a tournament. I have filed tickets for all 3 of these and have updated the latest one with the information that I received my prizes once my opponent left the tournament. I sent an email to debug@cryptozoic.com with one of my output log files. Hopefully that helps track down the bug.