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05-09-2014, 08:56 AM
We got a semi-guild draft going tonight:

After about the 3rd or 4th card, I realized I was passing cards to Barkam. Despite Barkam getting passed numerous bombs, he failed when it came to deck construction. It was pretty fun even though we got paired against each other. I believe he played Wild/Sapphire, and lost his first two games to Refugee.

My drafted deck list:

9 Ruby Shards
8 Blood Shards
1 Corrupt Harvester
1 Life Siphon
2 Burn
2 Shadowgrove witch
1 Goreseeker
1 Ruby Pyromancer
1 Savage Raider
3 Wrathseeker
1 Darkspire Enforcer
1 Darkspire Priestess
1 Fang of the Mountain God
2 Crushing Blow
1 Ruby Aura
1 Endbringer
1 Throat Cutter
1 Headless Executioner
2 Gem-Crazed Beserkers (Double blood minor socket - give blockers perm -1/-1)

(I had a lot of nice cards to side-board if needed, but never chose to)

As yo can see from my decklist - I only had 2 rares. I tried my best to not focus on rarity, and ended up passing a ton. I passed an Eldritch Dreamer to Barkam on the promise that he will trade it back to me when trade is enabled. So Barkam, this is your reminder

My first game was against TheDangerZone - aka Filthy - He had a diamond deck with Soul Marble, lots of healing and some other stuff, but my deck was a bit too fast and burned through his army and HP quickly.

Refugee had a pretty awesome deck with some epic rares: a Sadistic Castigator, 2 Stormcalls, and a Eldritch Dreamer was among his power cards. He also had a runic monolith that was seriously a bitch to play against, cause if you tap it on your turn to exhaust a blocker, the runic ignores its text and untaps at the beginning of your next turn. Luckily in our games I did not have to see the Castigator hit play, but witnessed many stormcalls and dreamers.
Refugee was also my toughest opponent, and only round that I ended up going to three games.

I beat my last opponent who was up to 16 resources in the final game, by pumping with a surge generator I passed while drafting cards, and sitting on a life siphon i revealed with a shadowgrove witch. I was at 24 life with my blood/ruby orc deck, he was down to 9 with his control diamond/blood deck. The dude played 2 repels on me, 2 solitary exiles, and 1 murder. Along with bouncing guard dogs and kraken guards... crazy control deck. My last turn I was on 9 resources with a burn in my hand, I drew my lifesiphon. He was too greedy and was trying to pump his life siphon to fatal, and I had fatal in hand: burn=2 + life siphon for 7 = 9. gg, I won my first draft tourney! Yippee.

Never underestimate the power of combat tricks. The Crushing Blows and the Ruby Aura were amazing to helping me win and end games. Rage+Crushingblow is brutal. I highly recommend newer players to use this strategy:
17 shards
16 troops (curve their butts more than their fronts (make sure you have a scaling army with defense stats 1 through 5))
7 'spells' (at least 3 combat tricks)

Won 5 packs, and 20k gold. The 20k gold in rolling commons, turned into 2 rares (ragefire and a skarn), 2 pve mercanary cards, 3 skywalker boots, 1 chest upgrade from common to uncommon and 1 free pack.

(A consolidated post from here: http://forum.cornerstoneguild.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=228 )