View Full Version : Potential Bug: Can't Play Cards From Hand (Eldon The Liberated)

05-09-2014, 01:21 PM
I played Eldon's Distress Signal, got him up fine, playing cards the whole time, and I got him completely transformed (Liberated). I stopped being able to play cards after I attacked with him. I could still use what's on the field, but no ability to play cards.

I had 3 Diamond and 4 Sapphire threshold, + 7 resources. I had 2 more resources in my hand and many cards I wanted to play. My opponent and I cycled through about 2-3 rounds before I just quit. I am wondering if it's related to Eldon's abilities, or just him in general?

Note: I had no problems playing cards before I got Eldon transformed, but I also never used his ability.
I was also had Benjamin the wise out, and his ability didn't get used until about the same time as Eldon's. It might be a conflict between the two

tl;dr: I think Eldon The Liberated might be bugged, haven't had time to reconfirm it. Anyone else notice this bug?
Benjamin The Wise might also be involved.