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05-09-2014, 01:46 PM
I was playing in a draft tourney when my opponent stopped responding. . and chat stopped doing anything. . .then when i clicked the report bugged game it took me out. and none of the current pairings were loading, nor was there any records of wins and losses. . .

05-09-2014, 01:48 PM
Yeah, this happens to me almost every game, although it usually comes back after 30 sec to one minute.

05-09-2014, 02:40 PM
Tried again, again on the second round of draft, bugged out and i waited 10 minutes. . .nothing, nada, zip, this time my opponent did not even start the game. (i think it is me though, because every time I need to completely exit hex and re launch it to be able to play again. . .still. . I am sad cuz i think I had a chance at winning with my decks (-_-)

05-09-2014, 03:41 PM
so. . .the issue is getting worse.

First Draft: won game one, middle of game two the system stopped responding.
Second Draft: Won game one, Start of game two stopped responding
Third Draft: three turns into game one game stops responding. . .

Conclusion? Draft is unplayable for me and I regret using up my draft tickets. . .

Also, the cherry that tops this off is that I got a message that the person in Draft #1 who i was completely demolishing won it. . .

05-09-2014, 05:30 PM
Open support tickets - you should be refunded each draft ticket.