View Full Version : Blinding Light - Fatal Damage bug

05-11-2014, 01:57 AM
Your Display Name: kaosuhiryuu

Bug Description: Blinding Light's effect was active during the turn and my champion was at 1 HP. The opponent attacked with an unblocked boosted Scrap Welder then the game suspended in the pre-endgame state (dark screen before the Victory/Defeat message pops up).

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Get down to low (1) HP.
2. On Opponent's turn, cast Blinding Light.
3. Have Opponent cast Scrap Welder with an artifact on the field.
4. Be attacked by the Scrap Welder and do not block it.
5. Proceed to the Assigning Damage step.
6. ???
7. Profit/Bug out

Frequency: First time this situation happened so far. I have not attempted to reproduce the bug yet.

Additional Information: Again, first time bug happened to me. I used Blinding Light to block fatal damage from a Sapper's Charge during Main Phase One. My opponent summoned a Scrap Welder and attacked. I didn't bother blocking since I thought Blinding Light's effect was still active, but then the bug happened and the game tried to end.

I have not tried reproducing the bug yet.

(kaosuhiryuu vs. Mexalen)