View Full Version : Question about equipment in chests

05-11-2014, 11:46 PM
Is there only one piece of equipment per rarity of chest? I have won 9 piece of equipment out of common chests I spun and they have all been Sky Walkers I spun an uncommon and got North Wind Chimes. Can only get one kind of equipment from a specific rarity of chest?

05-12-2014, 12:01 AM
No, I can confirm that by rolling only common chests today I received three different pieces of equipment, of two rarities. North Wind Chimes(UC), Bubble Mail(R), and Skywalkers(R)

05-12-2014, 12:42 AM
I too can confirm that you can get multiple equipment rarities from common chests as that is all I have spun.

Also, you probably know this but remember that we are not opening the chests. We are just spinning them on the wheel of fate to get extra prizes. Every chest you spin will still be able to be opened later when they add in that functionality :-)