View Full Version : Random card deck first match and Wrong Champion all 3 matches of Round 1 Sealed Deck

05-13-2014, 07:14 AM
I played a sealed draft last night #11663. After a whole lot of indecision I finally figured out what deck I was going to build. But I ended up running the timer down to only having 10-15 seconds when I clicked save. It looked like it saved but when I started my first round match I had a deck of what looked to be random cards and not the champion I'd selected.

So I just conceded the first match and went into the deckbuilder between matches and it showed the cards and champion I thought I'd saved originally. So I clicked save with plenty of time left on the timer this time.

This time in my second match of the first round I had the right cards from my deck but the Champion was still not the one I selected. I actually won that match because my opponent got no shards at all and conceded.

On the next time into the deckbuilder I went in a reselected my champion again and saved my deck but in the third match I still didn't have the champion I'd selected and I lost that match.

Second and Third rounds of the Sealed my deck and champions were correct. I won my second round and ended up with 5000 gold and a booster so I haven't opened a ticket for any compensation yet and wasn't sure if I should as I already have two other unresolved tickets open for compensation for missing Gold and a screwed up Draft.

06-20-2014, 03:18 AM
The problem here is that you probably saved your deck without having your champion selected. It happened to me this week that I was drafting my deck but absolutely forgot to select a champion when saving (it was late...). So I started my first deck with all cards I drafted (incl. all shards) despite the deck selection I made prior to the tournament starting...

The frustrating thing about it was that I was unable to fix it during sideboarding. I reassembled the deck I built at the start in those 2mins that are open for sideboarding but I was unable to (re)select a champion, so again the save didn't work. Needless to say my draft was ruined.

Ideally the fix would be to avoid people entering the draft with so called 'invalid' decks by providing some clear communication to the player when something is wrong. Currently when you click save and continue, you get a confirmation that your deck was saved succesfully. But on the contrary, if your deck is not saved correctly, you get no dialog whatsoever indicating that your deck didn't got saved.

With the current UI, it would be much better design to always show a dialog. In case of success, just state what it is stating now, in case of failure clearly state that the deck didn't got saved and why (e.g. "please select a champion"). This would help not ruining those late night drafts (it certainly won't happen to me again :D)

Maybe some even better design decisions can be made to make the player aware of what still needs to be done with the deck prior to saving it.

06-20-2014, 12:03 PM
Did you mean to bump my old thread? Cause my issues were a couple patches ago and the exact circumstances aren't going to happen that way anymore although there may be brand new bugs that are similar.