View Full Version : Match not commencing in Tournament Bug

05-17-2014, 08:31 PM
I was in a tournament earlier today. Drafting all went fine, as did construction. On tourney start, I got the starting "starscape" but it didn't start flipping the coin. Instead I got sent back to the tournament page (the one that lists matches and match scores). My only option was forfeit. Eventually the other matches concluded but mine was listed as 0-0 "in progress". It was way past the time a match should have been lost if wither my or my opponent had timed out.

Eventually I hit the forfeit button, as we were clearly holding the tourney up. One of the remaining 3 players got a bye (so my opponent was or had dropped) and the other 2 played. I did get a 5K reward (but hopefully when I put in my claim I will get a draft refund).

When logging back in a couple of hours later to see if the draft had concluded, I got a "reconnect to your previous game" message. This puts me in an infinite loop drawing and redrawing the game board that can only be exited by killing the client. I am also still allowed to reconnect to this game when I log in again (with the same result). This may go away after I play a game, but it is still a bug.

I'll post to support with the Tourney ID so they can see if there were strange circumstances that lead to my match not starting.