View Full Version : Whole big pile of bugs in a sealed tournament.

05-17-2014, 09:10 PM
Sealed tournament 12542 was something of a disaster from the start for me.

I picked my deck, clicked save.

Round one starts. Every card is in my deck. Apparently the game decided it didn't feel like saving the deck I'd made. I concede. Drop back into the card screen, hustle like crazy to remove a hundred or so cards from my deck within two minutes. Barely make it. Second match of round one and the cards are there, but the champion I selected is not. Instead I have the +1/+1 diamond champion. I sigh, and promptly lose miserably.

Round two starts. I see the dialogue for playing or drawing first, click play. Immediately I am thrown into the 'DEFEAT' screen. Um, okay. I have no clue what is going on. When I get back into the card screen, my deck is empty. Once again I rebuild my deck, this time I double-check to be sure I have the right champion. Save the deck. Second match of round two, again I get the +1/+1 diamond champion. My opponent very graciously conceded when they heard that I'd glitched out of the first match, putting us on an even 1-1 footing, which was super cool of them. I lost anyways, though that was mostly due to having to mulligan down to three cards and not really +1/+1 guy's fault.

Round three starts. I glance down at the lower right corner and see that there are no cards where my deck should be. I die a little inside. Click the 'play first' button and yep, DEFEAT. Rebuild my deck yet again for the third time, yet again still have +1/+1 as my champion. I actually managed to eke out wins on both of the subsequent matches, leaving me with one successful round for the entire tournament.