View Full Version : Xentoh's Inquistor and Darkspire Priestess crazy bug

05-18-2014, 02:42 PM
Your Display Name: Wreath
Bug Description: I was in a tournament for draft. Game 1 was fine. On Game 2, First bug happened when Darkspire Priestess died my game bugged out and wouldn't let me play anything from my hand. The card did not activate. My opponent's life on my screen was 20 and I got no card from activation of Priestess. On my opponents screen their life total was 17. I couldn't play anything from my hand, even though I had the threshold and mana pool to do so. This continued and since I couldn't play anything I clicked report bug.
On game 3 I had a similar problem, but this time when I had Xentoh's Inquistor Die (with the minus attack socket).... and the same problem happened. It didn't return to my hand, and my graveyard disappeared. I couldn't play anything again, and it was stuck this way. I had to do another report bugged game.
Steps to Reproduce: No idea. Maybe try messing with these cards.... It seems to be a death trigger effect issue.
Frequency: Well happened twice in one game, similar affects different cards
Additional Information: The not being able to play cards was the most annoying of the effects, but certainly the not getting the affects was quite annoying... plus the losses didn't help.... it was such a good black white deck too


Anyone seen a similar issue?