View Full Version : Nelebrin Skirmisher, Inner Conflict and Spellshield Gem

05-21-2014, 05:10 PM
Today I was in a draft tournament (ID 13141) against Ratticus, when strange things happened:

My opponent played a Nelebrin Skirmisher, which was socketed with a Wild Orb of Conservations (2 Wild: Spellshield), while he had only one wild threshold, such that the spellshield did not work so far.

In my turn I responded by playing inner conflict on the skirmisher which seemed to work.

However, then on his turn again he played his second wild resource, activating the Spellshield on the skirmisher ..... and the "can't block/can't attack" signs disappeared on the skirmisher .... :confused:
Even stranger, in the following turns the status of the skirmisher switched back and forth ... sometimes he was able to attack, sometimes he was not.

This put some random element to the match, which was very confusing and took us much time to discuss and figure out in the chat ..


Your Display Name: McCrush
Bug Description: "can't attack/block" status on "inner conflict"ed Nelebrin Skirmisher (with Spellshield gem) fluctuates
Steps to Reproduce: did not reproduce up to now, but should work as follows:
1) Socket Nelebrin Skirmisher with Wild Orb of Conservations
2) Play while having on 1 wild threshold
3) Opponent plays Inner Conflict on skirmisher
4) Play second wild resource to activate the spellshield on he skirmisher
5) Watch the signs on the skirmisher appear and disappear once in while in the following time

Frequency: Once
Additional Information: happened in Tournament ID 13141, Round 2, Ratticus - McCrush

05-21-2014, 07:47 PM
Yep I've had this same bug with my opponent's Boulder Brute and also with playing it on a troop which later gained spellshield from Soul Armanents.

I noticed a "cannot reproduce" note on this bug in the spreadsheet with a note saying that it was probably just a display/sync issue. It's very important for Hex bug squashers to note that that this is not just a display/sync issue. The spellshielded troop can actually attack despite having had Inner Conflict played on it earlier.

05-21-2014, 08:31 PM
I've seen this also, with Soul Armaments cancelling a Mesmerize.

05-21-2014, 09:47 PM
My understanding from all the other interactions I've seen is that Spellshield removes effects when activated. Is that not correct?

Still, you seem to have more issues than that, if sometimes it can attack, and sometimes not.

05-21-2014, 11:55 PM
From the official HEX FAQ (v.1.3), here is the definition of Spellshield:

This card can’t be targeted by opposing cards and effects
It does not say anything about reverting or removing effects. So I think, removing the inner conflict effect is NOT intended.

Additionally, I can confirm, that the bug in my tournament game was not purely visual. I have a screenshot (unfortunately only at home, not here at work) that shows the skirmisher attacking me (while having the can't attack/block signs on him at the same time).