View Full Version : posting 2 card links in the chat causes it to bug, fill chat with html tags

05-21-2014, 10:03 PM
Wanted to point out 2 cards in the same post to general chat, and Shift+clicked both of them to link them in the general chat. After shift+clicking the second card, the cursor would not move. After trying to backspace due to the cursor issue, nothing happened, so I pressed enter and the chat turned into a bunch of HTML tags until someone posted again. This happened to everyone, I asked the other people in the general chat and they confirmed.

To replicate:

1. Link 2 cards in the chat by shift-clicking them
2. attempt to backspace the second card link
3. observe bug.

Note, if you do not backspace, the 2 links work correctly, but you cannot continue to type.

so far, I have been 100% able to reproduce it via these steps, so it should not be hard to recreate.