View Full Version : Guard Dogs vs Pheremones

05-24-2014, 12:36 PM
I was attacked by an assortment of Shinhare (5 I think), one little hopper was made very attractive by Pheremones and so my pair of Guard Dogs blocked him.

The Dogs became 3/3 and I passed the Declare Blockers stage
The Dogs became 5/5 and I got to pass Declare Blockers again
The Dogs became 7/7 and I got to pass Declare Blockers again

...thinking that perhaps they were gaining +2/+2 for every attacking creature for some reason I carried on to see if we could get on with the game.

As the Dogs became 21/21 me and my opponent decided this was bugged.

I conceded the match so we could carry on the tournament. (And went on to win, which was nice so I'm not opening up a support ticket.)