View Full Version : Clicked Play First at game start, extra Pass Priority button led to skipped turn

05-25-2014, 04:23 AM
Family Name: Hacky
Tournament ID: 13709 (Draft), Round 1 Game 3

In the above draft tournament, I lost game 2, so I was given the option to play first or draw first. I clicked "Play First", and then a "Pass Priority" button appeared instantly which I clicked on instinct. This led to my opponent drawing their hand first before I did, and then my opponent got the first turn of the game (and drew a card at the start of their turn). Essentially, skipping my entire first turn.

This was caught live on stream:
The bug occurs at 6:04:08

This resulted in a game loss for me that would likely have been a close game, I would like to get compensation for this tournament if I can :(