View Full Version : Swiftstrike not working

05-25-2014, 02:40 PM
Just had my first issue with Swiftstrike.

Playing in a draft. My opponent was using Orcs and I was using Diamond troops. An Arena Brawler (3/1 Orc) attacked alongside a Malfunctioning Warbot (I think) and a WrathSeeker. I blocked the Brawler with a Swiftstrider (2/2 Coyotle with Swiftstrike). I set up some other troops (bombsmith and Griffon?) to block/trade with the other troops. The Swift attack went through, and the brawler displayed as having 3/-1 on his card. Then all the normal damage went through and cards were removed.

This turn had no combat tricks played, no interrupts, and no buffs were on any of the cards involved. Not really sure what could have caused it, but it seemed like our game skipped over the part where cards are removed from battle, as the swiftstrike damage was definitely dealt first. I checked in the graveyard to see if i had missed something, and asked my opponent who agreed with what happened.

TLDR: A troop killed by swiftstrike lived long enough to fight back.

Game 1 Tourney 13789