View Full Version : Entering a weird disconnect state

05-27-2014, 11:14 PM
Display Name: MonteCristo

Bug Discription:
During draft #14132, my client entered a weird disconnect state where I could still interact with the client on my current screen and the global timers still ran, but the client would not progress to the next part of draft or game.

Steps to Reproduce: Not sure, happened suddenly.

Frequency: Occurred three times during one draft session. Once during the draft, once after saving the deck after deck construction, and one final time during play.

Additional Information:
Halfway through the third pack, the timer went to 00:00 but would not shift to the next set of cards and a new reset timer. I could still click on my cards and the leave button was still highlighted but it was like I was stuck in the state. I alt-tabbed out and checked to see if my internet was still connected, which it was. I waited a little over 2 minutes and then the game seemed to reconnect to my computer. Per draft rules, the game had drafted the next few cards at random and were now part of my draft deck.
The next time this state occurred was after I hit the "Save & Continue" button and entered the loading screen image. It took much longer than usual for the game to save my deck. A little over a minute. The game however caught up and kept running.
The third and final time this weird state occurred was near the end of the first game of the first match. I was going to play a card that targeted, "Angelic Transformation" (I think it was called) and took back that move by hitting escape. I instead chose to play a different card (the 1 cost diamond card that heals 1 when a troop comes into play) but then the game went into that weird state where I could click on things but the game wouldn't progress. It stayed this way until I decided to hit the report bug option when a player goes to concede. The Hex client took me out of the game I was in, but I could not see the rest of the players in the draft tournament nor could I see any chat dialogue in the chat window. I could not send my own messages as well.
The whole time I was connected to the internet. I exited the client about 8 minutes later.