View Full Version : Mercenary Idea: Cultist of the Forbidden Words

05-29-2014, 07:23 PM
Gains no charge from resources, but gains one every time a player fails to brown their pants after someone uses a term from another card game. Charge power: 5 -> All ongoing lawsuits are decided in favor of the plaintiff. Or...is that what they think exists already?

I'm getting rather tired of militant pedants rabidly correcting people every time someone uses a color word or a term like mill (yes, mill, which gets by a lot of these tiresome folks...MILLstone, anyone?). Apparently lateral comparisons just can't exist. Despite the existence of HOMAGE CARDS. Purple/Green/Red/White/Blue are not owned by Hasbro. Using a term from Magic (especially given the number of former competitive card players drawn to the HEX scene) to clearly express an idea doesn't mean we lose.