View Full Version : Client freezing in full screen matches

05-31-2014, 02:55 AM
Your Display Name: Highgarden

Bug Description: The program appears to lose communication with the server. I can still interact with the UI but the game won't progress past the current event and it looks like I'm waiting for my opponent to pass priority.

Steps to Reproduce: Just play, it's happening stochastically.
Frequency: about 1/3 of my matches

Additional Information: Because there is no way to access settings from within a game I'm not able to force hex to quit without conceding the game on mac. I ended up being forced to concede a game I was about to win to take the match in the finals of a draft then I lost the 3rd game to lose the finals. very annoying. The solution I've found so far is to play in a small window and when the game freezes I can close the window and relog into the program.

06-01-2014, 01:04 PM
I seem to be having the same problem, although I play in window mode and it's the same thing. . .