View Full Version : Threshold: The Hex Podcast Episode 40 - A Diamond Shard in the Rough

06-02-2014, 10:15 PM

This week on Threshold we’ll talk about our visit to Hex HQ again but with more details, how Hex plans to change the genre of TCGs and set itself apart from other TCGs, Patch V0.9.1.006, and Kroan gave us a look at an exclusive Mercenary that was handed out at a Level Up event.


06-03-2014, 09:41 AM
Good episode, Matt and Josh.

I am eagerly awaiting the interview transcripts from your CZE visit. I know how much work transcribing two hours of bad audio is, but keep at it! Your listeners and fans appreciate your hard work.

It's really interesting that you got to play Wild Heist. Everyone I've heard talk about game night played either Junkyard Dogs or Kraken's Gold. Did you get to go through the whole thing in one sitting? Did each of you play, or did you take turns playing the same deck? I don't need details on the dungeon itself, but I'd love to hear more on how they were presenting it, and what they were holding back.