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06-09-2014, 02:23 PM
I have a few ideas that I think would make tournaments and game play more efficient and involving. Now these aren't ideas that must be implemented. They are not ideas that will be implemented soon. They have their own time table, and feature list. This is just my ideas on what I think would be useful to consider, even if they discard.

The first that is very near and dear to my heart, and is sought by other members in the community in some fashion or another, is a priority pass system. I believe that a simple and efficient hot key system would work wonders. You have x number of phases. If you could link each phase to a key just as we have space bar link to pass priority, then you simply press the corresponding number, and that passes your turn to that phase.

It would look something like this. (Note I do not do computer programming.)

Space bar = Pass priority.
1 = Skip to next ready phase
2 = Skip to next first main phase
3 = Skip to next combat phase
4 = Skip to next attack phase
5 = Skip to next block phase
6 = Skip to next damage phase
7 = Skip to next second main phase
8 = Skip to next end phase

By having this, you could set your stops to the places you usually use, then skip past them to the one you want, regardless of if they normally would stop there or not. I would also recommend having these set off by default with a check box in the control menu. (Once we have one.) As I do not believe new players should be forced to use this system without knowing how it works.

You could also start by simply creating just the first hot key link. As this essentially passes the rest of your turn. Or your opponents if you should desire it. Lastly, far down the road, being able to alter the controls, to buttons of your choosing, and even leaving some off, so you don’t accidentally use them would be a wonderful edition to this feature set.

The second idea I would like to present is the idea of mini games during downtime within tournaments. Now this too is an idea that has been floating around and has even been acknowledge to be in our future. But I would like to present three mini game concepts, that might be worth implementing eventually.

While I came to this game for the pvp, to see how good I might be able to make my self. The lore of the game has whispered its sweet seduction in my ear since I first began to read, and really get into the game. To that end, I like the idea of games that help with lore, and help new players get more familiar with the game.

Game number one....Concentration.

Concentration is an old game, where one is give several cards face down. The player then chooses two cards to flip over. If they match the player is awarded that pair of cards, if they don’t they are flipped face down again. The goal is to memorize where cards were, while unmasking new ones.

Versions of these games exist everywhere on the internet, which makes me wonder if a game like this would actually be pretty easy to implement down the road. The advantage to this game, is that it exposes players to the cards in our set. For those of us who are familiar with most or all of set one, imagine what it would be like to play this game during a tournament for set two. Wouldn’t it be cool, if we could get exposure to set two while in the lobby, giving us an idea of what to look for in future drafts?

Game number two....Trivia.

Kami, a moderator on the forums, did a neat puzzle game, where players were shown images, and had to answer a question. The question would be found generally in the cards name or flavor text. For example you see a picture of Lord Alexander the Courageous, and the question is “What is his will?” When you look at his flavor text you find the answer. “Solidarity.”

(Kami's thread: http://forums.cryptozoic.com/showthread.php?t=36006 )

Having a variety of questions that ask you if you recall lore around the cards would be extremely interesting in my opinion. It also exposes players to the lore, by giving them the right answer if they should be incorrect. In this subtle way, it allows new players and old to get more into the world that Hex has created.

Some of the questions could even be mechanics. What is the wild threshold of Fist of Briggadon? If an Emberspire Witch blocks a Feral ogre, how much damage does the champion take? These would be very useful for new players, and even some old players. To admit my own ignorance. I had never used mimic much in alpha, and when I used it for the first time, on a unit I had enhanced through inspire, I found it didn’t get the buff. It would also be useful when new mechanics come out, to expose us to how they interact with old mechanics.

Game three....Shin'hare invaders.

OK maybe I’m stretching a little. But I think it might be fun to have a horde of to have a horde of Shin'hare descend on me, while is use a Sniper of Gawaine to shoot them down. Think space invaders only top down perspective.

I hope you like my article, and if you have some constructive ideas that would improve or add your own flair to the above please feel free to add them in. If my idea's are horrible, shoot them down logically.

Also remember. I don’t want these features right now. I want them if and when CZE wants me to have them.

06-09-2014, 02:43 PM
They've already said you'll be able to play PvE during downtime, so that covers the second half of your post.

06-09-2014, 03:44 PM
They've already said you'll be able to play PvE during downtime, so that covers the second half of your post.

They've also confirmed that they're going to apply QoL improvements such as hotkeys for priority passing, so I think we're good here. :)