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06-10-2014, 11:06 AM
I have a little too much free time right now and wanted to contribute some to hex community with my time and I wanted to help new players to ease into the game easier

The Goal with this
I wanted to make a more Visual than text heavy explanation and just to entertain while I hope learn people few tricks with the videos to help them few ideas what they want to try or build, I personally think building decks are half the fun with TCG

Few topics I have so far

Starter deck and where to go from there (card to avoid, card to look for , crazy combos ect)
What makes a bomb ticking (what makes a dangerous deck and how to carry it to the enemy)
Resources control (How to balance resources
Read the Table (From experience and how to spot a trap or bait ect)
How to draft efficient (few tactics and combo)
Read the Draft (you do not need to count cards but there few tricks so you know what the enemy might be)
Mill,Burn,Aggro Ideology,how to make them and how to break them
Underrated cards that you might not think is powerful as you think
Combo jumbo and fun decks

How will the videos be like?
Focus on the cards and visual explanation with Voice.
Pic from my first "Draft video" simple demonstration of the power of Te'talca

It is still a draft and already trying few ideas on animations and made few custom icons . it is just an attempt to show it in a simple and easy way to explain and give a overview of tactics

Open for input of course :)

Second part is to have a simple community contest with prizes (talked with Hexmedia and they seem interested)

Few ideas on community contest

Build the best themed deck to the contest (Race,cheap cards ect)
Creative card ideas of topic
Clever combos (+ point for thinking outside the box)

and so on, I would love some input on topics and ideas from players

Why community contests?
My goal on the community contest is to be themed around helping new players , but I also want other people to be part of it and best way is to reward the people for their effort

Example Topic
Make the best orc deck you can think of but can only use four rares and two legendary max

This way we can make a fun competition on deck building but also help new players that also only have limited number of cards and it is easier for them to get common and rares than to complete a full rare and legendary deck.
And who do not want the chance to win free boosters or free draft tickets ?;)

How will you determinate a winner?
A community contest need community to be the judges and will make my own site for pool

If it becomes a big submission pool where we need to choice the best not to make it a mega pool, I will ask several members of the community to help choice what they think are the top ten best before we make it a public pool. The Poll however will not be visible how many votes are on each so it not affect the people judgment before after the contest

Why hidden? Because from experience people tend to get swayed to vote for the majority and if one have too much lead it can end with "why bother? My vote does not count" mentality, I really have no gain in adjusting the votes so no worry :cool:

They are also a second gain for security of "spam vote bots" are much easier to detect (I also have few tricks to detect spam bots, and yes, I can already say changing IP will not help)

I would love some input on this before I put more work into it