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07-09-2014, 10:30 AM
I am currently working on a Player vs Player (s) variant that will combine certain cards from all DC sets and SF, here is what I have so far.

Each player will have a 50-60 card deck, that will be created through a draft system. Right now I only play with two friends so it is 3 sets 3 piles of 20 cards. I have not determined what cards yet. You draft the 20 cards of 3 sets till every player created a deck. for those who do not understand what draft means, Each player receives a random pile, chooses one card from that pile and passes it to the right, etc. until all cards are drafted. Each player will choose a hero first, depending on the hero will determine what kind of deck you will want to draft only certain heroes will be available to choose from. the object of the game is to defeat your opponents. Each opponent will have 200-500 Health haven't figured out which will work again still in early development. The object of the game is to have each opponent reach 0 health.

Using the deck you drafted you will attempt to defeat the other players. you start off with 7 cards. Each turn you draw 2-3 cards, I haven't decided to limit the amount of card you play a turn. you will not discard your hand at the end of your turn. you will just draw 2-3 card at the start of your turn. when you run out of cards shuffle your discard pile into your deck. Every hero, villain and equipment card that has + power coverts to attack: target opponent receives x damage. x = power on the card. You can divide the damage to different players if you choose to. Super powers will generate Health. So whatever power is generated on a super power card you can gain that much life. Defense cards can defend against any card played against you, since every card that generates power is considered an attack card.

If a card states you gain a weakness you will take 5-10 damage and then the weakness will be shuffled into your deck haven't decided yet on the damage. super villains will be available for purchase and so will kicks. To defeat a villain you must damage him equal to his cost. once a villain is defeated shuffle him into your deck. First appearance will trigger. Obviously you will need to adjust the villain stack according to this variant.

That's all I have so far as I just quickly thought it out, looking for some feedback suggestions and thoughts. more minds are better then one after all! This is still in early development and Ill update and post as I have more details on this variant.

07-11-2014, 07:36 AM
UPDATE: just started one game and it went really well. right now I am creating an entire set for this variant. Will post when finished. I See a lot of view and now comments, what do you guys think?