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07-24-2014, 10:18 AM
My copy of Return of the King Deck Building Game arrived a couple days ago via Amazon UK (it is not for sale in the USA yet, for some unknown reason). We played 5 games last night among 4 of us, and had a blast. It is easily the best of the 3 LoTR DBGs. Some thoughts/observations:

1. The cards are well balanced (more so than Two Towers, which had many overly strong cards) and interesting. The card balance seems to be skewed slightly to artifacts, but it didn't seem overly so.

2. Moving the One Ring to Mt Doom and destroying it was much more fun than we thought it would be! It isn't easy, and it is very well-balanced and thematic. In regular mode, you don't have to destroy the Ring to kill Sauron and win, but in Impossible mode you must, and it can be both tough and strategic. In fact, that is a good description of this expansion, it is much more strategic than the previous 2 expansions.

3. We loved the Beacons :) There are 5, and each player only wants to buy and play one, where it stays in play. For each other Beacon in play, you get +1 power. The more players with Beacons, the better for all - light them up!

4. Archvillain balance is very good, with lots of new twists. We played twice in regular mode, once with the recommended 8 regular archvillains, then once with all the archvillains. We then played 3 games in impossible mode. We won all games but the first impossible mode game, where we decked out trying to kill Eye of Sauron - our downfall was not having destroyed the One Ring. Sam and Frodo were trying to carry us there, but they failed in the end in that game ;)

5. We are torn on how to incorporate all 3 expansions, which we plan to do soon. Some want to just throw it all together and play, others want to play each game separately, then add up the score. There are a couple suggestions in the rules book, but we are still debating the best way to do it.

We all agreed that this expansion is the best of the 3, and better than the Hobbit dbg. We really had fun, with no negative game play experience at all. Well done, Cryptozoic! Now get the game into the U.S. game stores (and find a way for us impatient players to get the promo from you when it comes out)!!!

08-22-2014, 10:39 AM
Cryptozoic is finally getting the game out with a release date of September 10th. They had a few copies for sale at Gencon, but they sold out instantly. Thanks to their crew for getting me the Faramir promo for my game bought thru Amazon.UK! :)

08-31-2014, 10:05 AM
Any updates on the release date for this? It's showing as 9/30 on cardhaus even though cryptozoic.com still shows 9/10.