View Full Version : Constructing the basics Episode one. Knowing your Shard.

08-26-2014, 07:28 PM
This is a mini series, built for new to intermediate players wanting to learn how to build basic decks. The goal is to bridge the bare bones basics we have been given, to the advanced tricks and meta, that the pro players are using in their deck creation.


08-27-2014, 09:47 PM
Getting better than when you first started. But just a few things to consider. Who do you want your audience to be? One thing you should consider is talking about what makes Hex special. Likely there will be many viewers that don't need the basic info as that kind of info can bet gotten quite easily from other sources. Rather it would have cool for you to explain how hex colors are unique and include a bit of powerpoint / keynote. It's quite simple to include it. Also do you have to wear headphones in the video? Can't you just talk without them?

08-28-2014, 12:42 AM
I am always elated to get feed back of any kind, so thank you so much for that.

The target audience for this show is beginners to intermediate. But more then just if you fall into one of these two categories come watch the whole series. The idea is to find where you are in the process, and start there. You can watch from beginning to end, but you don't have to. If you need information on how to select the shard you want to build your first deck with, this first episode aims to help you make that choice. If you already know what shard to start with, or your skills are beyond such basic concepts, skip ahead of this video, to the next one in the series. Ideally i hope to succeed in leaving behind a set of videos, that people can come find the step they are ready for and get the information they need. But while this does mean some people will have to wait till i get those videos out, for anything relevant to them, i don’t want to leave newer people behind either. So its a fine line to have to walk, i would say.

Talking about what makes hex special and unique is good advice, and something i will consider as i do each episode, as your right, i should point out the different aspects that make this game so amazing, so i will try very hard to accomplish that.

My intent with the shard types was to only give enough information to help the player make that leap into their first shard. I intend to dive deeper when i release my two tone deck video. The reason for this is that i assume most players who have drafted a little to get their collection ready will have some notions on the different shard types, and have the basic idea. Which shard you choose first to make a deck with isn’t as important, when you will likely build one of each eventually. I certainly recommend that. However when i get to talking about combing shard types i will be talking about their strengths and weaknesses, and how they effect shard combinations.

Are you referring to using power point as a sort of overlay to the video, or breaking the video up with slide presentations? (I’m not familiar with keynote, i assume its the same concept)

I can talk without a head set. I prefer that, actually. But someone said i need a good mic, i took that to mean my web cam mic wasn’t good enough.

Again thank you for your critique, and any further communication is more then welcome. =)

08-28-2014, 11:38 AM
Keynote is simply the mac version of powerpoint. If you run mac, most basic users use iMovie or Final Cut to edit their vid. For PC users usually Sony Vegas is the easiest video editing if you are unfamiliar, but there's a wide array of choices. It's quite simple, all you do is make your presentation file (ppt or keynote) and then the important step is to export your file as images like jpeg, then you can simple put the slides in as images over the video track. It's my job in real life to teach people how to make movies, so I'm a stickler for helping people out in this regard.

Also in regarding introducing people to shards, I can't remember where I read it but they were saying in card design if a card has say 3 or more threshold of a certain color than that card represents the essences of that color. It was very interesting from a game design standpoint. So then introducing shards to people you'd want to pick out a few cards and explain how each captures the essence of that style of play.

08-28-2014, 11:28 PM
Well i do appreciate the help. I will have to look into the slide mechanic.

You know i had never heard that before about the shard threshold, that is extremely fascinating. I take a gander at the various cards, and see what i can glean from that.