View Full Version : Xentoth's Inquisitor reduces troops' power by 3, even when its own power is 0

08-27-2014, 06:59 PM
This one's a little complicated and I don't know which parts are relevant, so bear with me. All the Xentoth's Inquisitors in this story are socketed with the Orb of Brutality:

My opponent controls a 0/4 Vampire King, victim of an earlier Xentoth's Inquisitor killed by Zared's charge power. I have nothing in play.
I cast Prophet of Lodegan, creating 3 Echoes.
My opponent casts Xentoth's Inquisitor, reducing the Prophet's power to 0.
I cast my Xentoth's Inquisitor, reducing *his* Inquisitor's power to 0.
He uses Zared's charge power to kill my Inquisitor.
I attack with my 3 3/3 Echoes, he blocks with his Inquisitor, it dies and is returned to his hand.
He recasts his 0/1 Inquisitor, targeting one of the Echoes. The Echo's power is reduced to 0, even though the Inquisitor's power is 0.
I attack with my three Echoes, he blocks again, the Inquisitor dies again. The 0-power Echo deals no damage, confirming that it wasn't just a display error.
He recasts the Inquisitor, targeting another healthy Echo. Once again, its power is reduced to zero. The third Echo is still ok.
At this point we stopped a bit and talked about how to proceed. Eventually we decided to try to simulate the correct game state as best we could...
...but then, at the start of my turn, my 3 Echoes turned back to normal! Their display immediately reverted, and when I attacked with them they dealt damage. The Prophet, which he targeted originally, still correctly has power 0.

This definitely doesn't happen _all_ the time; I've done the Inquisit-your-Inquisitor thing many times before.