View Full Version : Possible Gem Bug

08-30-2014, 04:50 PM
Ran into this one earlier today - haven't done too much testing to determine the source of the problem:

1. I attempted to join the first large tournament test today, using a deck that contained Xentoth's Inquisitor socketed with Blood Orb of Brutality. Tournament listing bugs and I am unable to join.
2. I join the next tournament that ends up bugging out and then one of the 256 tournaments that opened subsequently. These also do not fire, so I move to the proving grounds.
3. Use the same deck in proving grounds, and notice my Inquisitors are now unsocketed.
4. Enter the deck editor, and sure enough, they are missing gems. I have had this deck saved for at least a month with no changes in that time period, and have used the deck regularly. I figure it's not too terrible, since it was just a proving grounds match, and re-socket the gems I want.
5. Move back to proving grounds and play the same deck. I draw an Inquisitor and it has no gem text or icon.
6. After the game, I re-check the deck. It shows the Inquisitors as socketed in the deck editor.

I had to log out shortly after this, so I wasn't able to test further at the time. I initially figured it was tournament queue-related, but my gems weren't saved even between proving ground matches. Another possibility is that the 2nd game inquisitor was a visual bug rather than a functional bug, as I don't believe I played the one I drew. Has anyone run into something similar? I will try to test the deck again later this evening.