View Full Version : Alternate Art Veteran Gladiator bugged?

08-31-2014, 12:18 PM
Your Display Name: Katkilla

Bug Description: I attempted to play my AA Veteran Gladiator, it took the shards from my pool as if I played it but it didn't put the troop on the board. I avoided playing it for several turns, then when I had no choice I tried to play it again and it went on the field this time, but it cost 6 shards to play instead of 3. My opponent did not do anything to increase the shard cost or prevent me from playing it. Never had this problem with the regular version of the card.

Steps to Reproduce: Couldn't reproduce against AI in proving grounds.

Frequency: Couldn't reproduce against AI in proving grounds.

Additional Information: 1st round 2nd match in tournament E81929EC3FFA8