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09-05-2014, 01:29 PM
This bug happens every single round that its my turn but even knowing its existence it still throws me off.

Bug: After you finish attacking and damage has been dealt (i.e., combat fully resolved) you get your second main phase. During your second main phase the button that should appear is "Proceed to End Phase" which signifies that pressing the button (or spacebar) will essentially end your turn. The issue is that as damage is being dealt an erroneous "Pass Priority" button appears which then changes to a "Proceed to End Phase" button a few seconds later.

Why This Is a Problem: The vast majority of pass priority situations a the player wants to quickly pass to keep the game moving (many times there is no available option for him to even take in this situation). What happens is that the player sees the pass priority button, quickly presses space to keep the game moving, and unintentionally ends his turn because the pass priority button here is a decoy and it changes to a "Proceed to End Phase" button.

And don't bother replying that this is something the player should memorize. (A) Its still a bug; and (B) Humans aren't perfect and even remembering this every so often I'm going to accidentally press space because I'm simultaneously training myself to press space quickly to keep the game moving.


Additional Bug: This one doesn't have the same disastrous effect as the other bug, but for some reason an errant "Pass Priority" button appears at the start of my turn before I draw a card and then disappears.

09-08-2014, 11:30 AM
Known bug, along with a few others related to the combat-to-mp2 transition.