View Full Version : Screen Freeze on Game Start

09-08-2014, 04:34 PM
Your Display Name: angelcrest
Bug Description: when I open the game the animation and every visual aspect of the game freezes expect my mouse and the music still keeps on playing but my keyboard also doesn't work when this happens so I cannot alt+f4 ,ctrl+alt+del etc. I have waited for it to maybe pass but only the music stops when it ends it doesn't loop, I can only move the mouse but no clicks are active.
Steps to Reproduce: open the game click on anything to force early freeze or wait a while for it freeze on it's own.
Frequency: 100% after my first play session only solution was to force computer shutdown everytime I open the game
Additional Information: The first time I opened the game I was able to get in play the tutorial then proceed to a first match with ai with starter deck then in the middle of the gameI had to leave it so I used esc to abandon the game it showed me a forfit message I said I want to exit but nothing happened and I realised it was a freeze. After forcefully shutting down the computer I retyied when I got back but was unable to ever see the main page for more than 10 seconds before a freeze.

also I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling the whole game but nada

09-13-2014, 12:59 PM
I am still unable to open the beta, this is very frustrating, getting into a beta and not being able to play outside of the tutorial