View Full Version : Resources and Resource Counter Glitched (Artifact Cost Reduction Effects Trigger?)

09-09-2014, 12:11 PM
Hello, my in-game character name is Julahduun

While playing a game vs the CPU (who was using the Polonius deck) in the Proving Grounds, I had 3 resources (2 blue and 1 red) in play for a few turns already. Then I suddenly was unable to play cards that I normally would have had resources to play. Upon investigating, the resource counter had stopped functioning as intended, showing 0/3 when I had played nothing that turn, then jumping up to 1/3 when I tried playing a card with a cost of 1 (Believe it was Gearsmith; I was running an artifact deck). On my next turn my resource counter filled to 2/3 instead of the expected 3/3.

In play at the time were a Technical Genius, a Worker Bot from Bertram Cragraven, a Charge Bot, a Construction Plans: War Hulk, and later a Gearsmith on my side. Polonius had a Howling Brave, a Honeycap, and later an Ambershire Instigator. All the while I was noticing the glitch the cost of a Pterobot in my hand kept changing between 3 and 4 even though the amount of robots and dwarves in play was not changing (as far as I could tell)...later as I was typing this post it suddenly changed to 2 and allowed me to play it, but then my resource counter read 0/3 when it should have read 1/3. I also had a Turreted Wall in my hand (I think it had been returned to my hand a turn or two earlier by my opponent but I'm probably mistaken), A Slaughtergear: Renegade War Factory, a Researcher Adept, and a Rocket Ranger.

Edit: On my next turn, after playing the Pterobot, my resource counter filled to 2/3 instead of 3/3 again, and I am unable to play aforementioned Turreted Wall, which costs 3 thanks to Technical Genius.

Edit 2: Finally drew a resource and played it (blue). It refilled my 2/3 to 3/3 and my stock of sapphire remained at 2 instead of increasing to 3. Another sapphire increased me to 4/4 and 3 blue as "normal" but I never recovered the lost resource (only 3 of the 4 sapphire resources I played were recognized the rest of the game since the glitch).

So far I've only had this happen to me in this one game, but it continues to act buggy as I continue playing said game (which I'm certain I've lost at this point, haha).

EDIT 3: Also, I just realized, the CPU had been spamming Howling Brave's ability - Tap: Gain 1/0. Thing is, he just kept gaining more and more resources, each turn his X+1/X resource count would go to X+1/X+1 instead of X/X. I thought that it was supposed to go from say, 5/4 to 4/4 next turn after using his ability instead of 5/4 to 5/5. Correct me if I'm wrong.