View Full Version : R - Resolution Bug (Cant switch to Native Resolution)

09-09-2014, 05:07 PM

Before i begin with my problem - please excuse my english speaking... im from Germany and not that good in your language :p

So... lets get to the main problem. Like i said in the Title: I can't switch the Resolution Ingame (Options) . From the Start the Resolution was set at: 1600x900 (Widescreen) - but my native Resolution is 1680x1050 (Widescreen).

Everytime i switch the Resolution to 1680x1050 and apply it shows me the switch - then i have what i want and press accept (i have the german client, there it is "übernehmen" for apply and "akzeptieren" for accept). But exactly at the point i click on accept he switch automaticly back in the 1600x900 (Widescreen) Resolution.

I also tried to just apply and close... he switched back. Even when i apply and then click on the [X] Button to Close the Options Window he switches back.

I had to play through the tutorial with felt 80% of the actually screen... so i hope there is a way to switch the Resolution so i can see the complete Game-Screen when im playing.

By the way, Full Screen is 100% activated -checked this several times too.

Could it be a problem with the german client? Is there a way to switch the Resolution manuelly so i can do that?
If not - please someone help! :eek:

thanks for reading and have fun & luck in your matches =)

09-09-2014, 05:46 PM
I have also been having resolution errors, in the English client. So definitely not a language/region thing.