View Full Version : R - Self mill freezes the game

09-10-2014, 09:13 AM
Your Display Name: Silvermoor

Bug Description: Milling yourself to 0 cards freezes the game. Even if your deck later has cards in it

Steps to Reproduce: I've done it two ways.
1. Casting Terrible Transfer at my own Bird o' Plenty and drawing the rest of my deck.
2. Casting Chronic Madness at myself and milling the rest of my deck

Frequency: 3/3 so far, so I'm guessing 100%

Additional Information: I haven't tried it at a time that I would lose the game from the self mill, only at times where I should be able to live with 0 cards in the deck. And when done with the Chronic Madness my deck gets a card in it when Chronic Madness finish resolving. Still freezes the game. I can still select Quick Actions and target them, but they don't resolve.