View Full Version : Game framerates Drop mid-late game

09-11-2014, 06:58 PM
Your Display Name: Achri

Bug Description: Every single game I play around the middle of the game-> late game the framerates drop below 10 fps.
It seems to be due to the number of cards that get out on the table.
I also am experiencing the white card bug to a large extent. May be related.
Unplayable until whatever is causing it is fixed.

Steps to Reproduce: No clue.
Frequency: Every and any game I attempt.

Additional Information:
AMD Phenom II
Radeon R7 260X
8 Gig of RAM
Windows 7 Premium

I have tried many fixes.
Updating drivers, reinstalling the game, deleting files/directories/registry, rebooting, etc.

09-12-2014, 02:33 AM
If you are putting out a lot of cards every game, then yes, you will see framerates drop. My record so far is having over 600 troops out, before the game stopped processing it fast enough to beat the timer.

Anything over 10 can have an impact on low end machines, over 20 on most machines (its a client issue, not a PC issue.)