View Full Version : Red Selector bug

09-17-2014, 04:39 PM
Your Display Name: Crouse
Bug Description:

Additional Information:I joined a draft today and during the first game I played a AID, the red Selector icon appeared but it also let me scroll through shards, I could select a shard and hit okay but the game went to a blurry version of the battlefield as if it was trying to process the selection but never did. I could hit ESC and re-select a different shard or even get to the "Concede" screen. My turn eventually timed out. In the next game things went okay for a bit, when i played a peek with one blue shard and drew an Angelic Accession. Again the red selector showed up, and the text "select a troop" but the "pass priority" button was also present. One of the three troops I had on the field showed the yellow/gold select border, but when i would click on it nothing happen.

Steps to Reproduce: Has not reproduced
Frequency: once in each of the draft games i played