View Full Version : Time running down on opponents turn (not having priority)

09-21-2014, 02:18 AM
Your Display Name: Morshadoom

Bug Description: My play time is running down on opponents turn, even when I don't have priority (both clocks are running down than). Its just for full time on opponents turn, but approx. 10-15 secs. I am a fast player, and had never issues with clock, but recently when a 3rd game has to decide in draft, I am in problems this way. Yesterday I had a draft (E89A9CD77BA64, watch the 3rd game of 2nd round if you can), where me and my opponent remarked, that no one will win this on normal way, it was just completly stalled. So we just ended our turns, without playing anything. Normally, with my 3 minutes advantage I had on clock when we start to end turns immediatly, there should be no way I lose. I even removed all stop markers I have on opponents turn and most I have on my own turn, it did not solve the problem, still lose the 10-15 secs each turn. In the end I lost having him 3 seconds left on clock, oh well :eek:

Steps to Reproduce: I can't say if this problem is for many players or what the cicumstances are, so can't really answer it (my opponent had this problem not obviously)

Frequency: I don't play too much recently, so I can't say when this started, probably 2 weeks ago? I can watch this regularly in games now.

Additional Information: I got a fast cable internet connection, so lag can (or should) not be the reason. No issues during that time at all with my connection.

Thanks for checking it