View Full Version : Invisible Zombie Plague - Double casting a Constant

09-22-2014, 09:51 AM
I ran into a bug last night in the finals of a draft.
I cast Zombie plague while damage was still going through just prior to my second main phase. My resources disappeared, and the Zombie Plague remained in my hand.
My next turn, I recast Zombie Plague in the first main phase. The card disappears, and my resources are taken again.
Beginning of my next turn, the Zombie Plague triggers as if it was in play. There is no constant in play. If my Opponent had removal, he could have targeted it.

What was interesting about the second time I cast Zombie Plague is that the card basically created a phantom copy of itself, and that copy left my hand, while the original copy stayed in my hand. Until the end of my phase. Then the card in my hand disappeared, and nothing was in play.

My understanding of what happened has mainly to do with packet delivery to the server. I must have activated and cast Zombie Plague the first time just prior to fully having the window to do so in the second main phase, although the card was highlighted blue, due to calculations still concluding after the combat damage priority pass. The resources were taken but the card never fully synced to being played in the second main phase, and never hit play.